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Tv Shows And Film Will Soon Resume The Shoot


Tv Shows And Film Will Soon Resume The Shoot. It has been about 3 months of lockdown when every business sector was stopped due to the universal Pandemic of Coronavirus. As Govt. of India has eased the lockdown and directed the business field to be back on track soon. According to reports, shoots of Tv serials and film will resume very soon and the audience can enjoy a bunch of new episodes and movies.

The producersā€™ team has guaranteed to help FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) for the recovery of the overdue payment and past outstanding of the crew as soon as possible.

There was a meeting scheduled on 28th May between FWICE and Indian Film &Tv Producers(TV & Web wing). It was concluded that the joint efforts of both the department under proper guidance will help to resume the shoot in the M&E industry.

The industry is completely under lockdown and suffering through huge losses in jobs and revenues from the 17th of March. 25 points proposal for the safety and health of the workers was submitted by FWICE. All the issues related to health and hygiene for the worker were immediately agreed upon by the producersā€™ body.


COVID insurance will also be issued for the workers. According to IFTPC(Indian film and Tv Producers council ), the insurance was a bit sympathetic and hence it was stated to jointly locate the ideal insurer and the plan.

IFTPC also asked FWICE for the submission of the defaulterā€™s list. The objective of FWICE and IFTPC is to facilitate the early resumption of shooting, said by Ashok Pandit.

JD Majethia, Shyamashish Bhattacharya, Abhimanyu Singh, and Nitin Vaidya attended the meeting on behalf of IFTPC and on behalf of FWICE, BN Tiwari, Ashok Pandit, Gangeshwar Srivastav, and Ashok Dube attended the meeting.


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