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These Questions of PK to Humanity will always remain unanswered !


1)Ā  What is the difference between a big idol and a small idol? Both do the same job right?

2) If God listens directly, why do we need these idols?

3) Feed a cow secure a job? Is she the one that drops the resume at various job portal?

4) Does an idol vendor make God? Or does God make him?

5) Reciting a verse from a ten rupee booklet is all it takes to decide the sex of a fetus and alter Godā€™s plan?

6) How does God talk to us through an idol? Does it have a transmitter fit into it?

7) Can any God be so small so as to object education and literacy among willing and able little girls like the ā€˜fatwasā€™ do?

8)Ā  If sex is private, why use fireworks and loudspeakers at wedding celebrations to announce that one is having sex?

9) If money falls from pockets, people are quick to claim it. Then why do they deny it when it is a condom that falls out of the pocket?

10) For most of us, some of these questions may go against the ideals of the religion we have been taught. But as Anushka Sharma says in the film if God didnā€™t want us to think for ourselves, he wouldnā€™t have given us the ability to reason.

11) How does one know what religion is a baby born into? Does God put a stamp on the baby when it enters the world? If yes, where is it?Ā  Thappa kidhar hai?

12) We are all Godā€™s children, arenā€™t we? So will any father ask us to visit shrines and remote locations before fulfilling our wishes? Will any father demand that his child rolls on the floor to fulfill his wish?


13) There are crores of children who sleep on footpaths with empty stomachs. Why donā€™t we feed them milk instead of bathing idols with it?

14) Some say fast on Monday and some say fast on Tuesday. Some say eat before the sunrise, some say to eat only after the sunset when you break your ā€˜Rozaā€™. Some say to pray to the cow and some say sacrifice the cow. What is right and what is wrong?

15) When missionaries claim conversion to Christianity will save us from hell; if God wanted one to be born Christian, wouldnā€™t s/he be born one?

16) Earth is a tiny speck among millions of galaxies and universes, and He is the Creator of all. Why do we feel the need to ā€˜protectā€™ the Almighty? And does He even need our protection?!

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