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Multiplex Association of India submits a full-proof safety plan for cinema halls


Multiplex Association of India submits a full-proof safety plan. The entire nation is currently going through the fourth phase of the lockdown. There are positive changes in each passing day in regard to things heading towards becoming normal. But still, there are many sectors that are far from the light of hope. Still, there is no sign of re-opening of their segment on business.

In between several other things, one important outing that came to a standstill for cinema lovers was the shutting down of theatres. Be it single screens or multiplexes, this segment was the first thing that was put on hold when the spread of the coronavirus was heading to its peak in March 2020.

The decision affected all regional film industries and Bollywoodā€™s business strongly, with the theatres and multiplexes that enjoyed a massive footfall for most movies before the lockdown.

In a recent move, the Multiplex Association of India has finally submitted a tightly sealed plan which is made keeping in mind all the precautions and safety measures that need to be followed when the cinema halls will reopen. According to reports, the plan will be put in action for the first two months after the theatres open and will later be reviewed.

This document has been submitted to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and various state governments.

Multiplex Association of India submits a full-proof safety plan for cinema halls 2

Here are the changes made. Have a look –

– The first thing to be maintained is the deep cleaning and sanitization of all areas in and around the hall at regular intervals.

– e-orders & e-tickets are to be practiced. Moviegoers will be persuaded to keep the contact with the staff as minimal as possible with e-tickets and e-orders for food and drinks being in place.

– Not just that, the use of body temperature detectors, sanitizers, and masks will become a regular part of the drill every time youā€™ll step into a cinema hall.

– Wearing a mask will be made compulsory while watching a movie.

– Not only this, while the staff of the cinema hall will only be allowed after grilling health check-ups, but the viewers who will come to watch a film will also be placed separately inside the hall.

– According to the report, families and couples will be able to sit together, however, a seat adjacent to them will be left empty.

Keep watching this space for all the updates from the entertainment world.





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