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Who We’d Love To See Play The main lead in Dhoom 4


The main lead in Dhoom 4! Dhoom franchise is one of the most blockbuster cash making film franchise in Bollywood. The 3 films have been produced on a budget of about 320 crores and grossed more than a whopping 802 crores worldwide. All of the films have established box office records upon their release.

The films are known for their stylishly executed action scenes, impressive locations, and smart gadgets and of course. The most important is the bad guys which are the USP of all the 3 films.

Though the series is responsibly anchored by Abhishek Bachchan’s smart Jay Dixit and his faithful sidekick/comic relief Uday Chopra’s Ali. But it is the lead actor or the baddie of these movies who walk away with applause. The criminals portrayed in the film are ridiculously good-looking, handsome, stylish, intelligent, suave and don’t mind some wisecracking conversations with the cop. Almost every one of them is overconfident about his abilities until Jay finally cracks their grand plan, the cat & mouse game between the cops and thieves is fun to watch.

The audiences love the series and what started off as a single film is now a full-blown franchise.

dhoom4-updateThere is a huge demand among Dhoom fans for the fourth installment. Here’s looking at 5 actors who we think would be a great choice to play the baddie in next installment of the series:


Shah Rukh Khan- It is quite obvious that King Khan would be the ultimate choice for the role that seems tailor-made for him. He is known to have popularized the anti-hero genre in Bollywood and we can’t forget his performances in Darr, Anjam, Bazigar or the latest Don series. He is an intense actor who would bring his own gravitas to the role and we can already see his character in Dhoom leading a spin-off franchise of his own.


Shahid Kapoor- The Kabir Singh star is one of the most intense actors in Bollywood working today. Many of his films are widely accepted both by Critics and audience and his films are full of content-driven cinema. That being said, he’s also one of those stars who is widely known for acting skills and style statement. His casting in a Dhoom film would be a match made in Heaven.


Ranveer Singh- The ever-energetic actor would be a treat to watch as the anti-hero. He’s so charismatic with his personality that his take would surely attract the audiences worldwide to see this film. Only if Aditya Chora casts him!


Salman Khan- The biggest superstar of Bollywood played an anti-hero in Kick. The film went on to break many box office records. We have seen that Salman loves to have fun with gray characters and it would be interesting to see how the film turns out.




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