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Paika rebellion and why should Bollywood make a film


Paika rebellion and why should Bollywood make a film: Movies having genre ‘historical-drama’ have not only created big impacts on the box offices but also it has given the audience to feel the struggle for Independence and a whisk of patriotism in them. The audience also witnesses the great stories, the past lifestyle, the sacrifice which is beyond the materialistic fun and entertainment.

Bollywood has certainly done an impeccable work covering most of the history-nonfiction. Movies based on the 1857 rebellion like Mangal Pandey (Mangal Pandey: The Rising starring Aamir Khan) and Rani Laxmi Bai ( Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi starring superstar Kangana Ranaut) is like a gift to the Indian History from Bollywood.

Bollywood has also covered movies on the great personalities (like Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri)  related to 1947 independence.

These films have been worth watching, gave a lot to gain, and have certainly injected patriotism in the audience.

But somewhere down the line, Indian Cinema has missed the great story and struggle of Paika Rebellion which was actually the first ignition against British rule.

Paika rebellion and why should Bollywood make a film –

Here are some amazing facts of the Paika Rebellion and its bravest warrior Buxi JagaBandhu.

History promises the Paika Rebellion to be the first war against the Britishers. After the Mughal empire followed by the Maratha and then by the Brishters, the Paika rebellion started from Khurda, Odisha (some kilometers away from Cuttack which was the headquarter of Brishters in Odisha).

The Paika actually means foot soldier who also worked as farmers. They were offered tax-free lands by the govt as they helped enormously in the wartime.

The revolt was led by JagaBandhu Bidhyadhar Mahapatra famously know as Buxi Jagabandhu. He was actually the army chief of the rebellion beside Jay Krushna Mahapatra who was the dewan. Both played an important role in the rebellion.

The Paikas actually helped the Brishters to fight against the Marathas in hopes of land and wealth and later they were betrayed which actually evoked them to go for the war against the  Britishers.

The Brishters also imposed tax law for the Paikas and sunset law ( means paying tax before the sun sets). Many Paikas and Bakshi Jagabandhu eventually lost their land for the failure of tax payment.

The King of the Paika was Mukunda Deva-II who was a teenager and for which the British govt easily betrayed him and later was home arrested in Puri.

In 1804 the first sign of the revolt was seen and Dewan of the Paika, Jaye Krishna Rajguru led the team against the British. He was arrested and later was executed in Medinipur fort in 1806.

Part 2 of the Paika Rebellion was started in 1817 led by the army chief Bakshi JagaBandhu.The revolt against the Britishers was so intense that it nearly swept away the British empowerment in Khurda, Banapur, Puri, and Pipili.

Not only the Paika, the common peasants, the Zamindars, the tribals all combinedly fought against the Englishmen. The intensity lasted for 4-5 months and later was put down as a huge number of English soldiers were imported from West Bengal.

Even after the suppression Bakshi and his associates absconded and remained large for a long time despite govt effort to nab them dead or alive. This process continued for years and later Bakshi was forced to surrender in 1825 and confined to death in 1829 at Cuttack.

Interestingly The popular book ‘the fight for independence’ written by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar created an assumption that 1857 was the first retaliation for independence. But The Paika Rebellion occurred before this in 1817.

In 2017, Arun Jaitley mentioned is Budget speech that it has been 200 years from the start of the struggle for Independence and we will definitely celebrate this important year which makes the Paika rebellion as the first war for independence.

Also on April 16, 2017 PM Modi visited Odisha and honored the descendants of the families associate with the rebellion, in Bhubaneswar.


Paika rebellion and why should Bollywood make a film 1

Who can play Buxi Jagabandhu the best?

Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn, Shahid Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal. Not only Bollywood Odia actor Anubhav Mohanty, Bengali star Jeet or Dev can also play the role in the best way possible.

Paika rebellion and why should Bollywood make a film 2

Odia Movie Buxi Jagabandhu Shelved

Akshay Parija productions, one of the famous productions houses of Odia and the Bengali film industry had announced to make this film and Ollywood Superstar Anubhav Mohanty was to play the role of Buxi Jagabandhu. The first poster and teaser were also released but later there was news of being shelved.  Here is the details of the film on Buxi Jagabadhu which got shelved.




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